Why would anyone start a poop scooping service after school? In the past there were lots of jobs students could get. You could have been a bagger at the grocery store, an usher at the movie theatre or maybe an elevator operator. Yes, there was a time when each and every elevator had a genuine person inside pushing a lever that made it go up and down.) Now lots of those jobs don't exist or they're being filled by adults just trying to get by. Teens have been left out of the job market.In reality, you don't have to stand around complaining or wishing someone would give you a job. You can make your own job and offer a genuine service for people in your neighborhood. Men and women enjoy their dogs, but the last thing they want to do when they get home is go out in the yard and clean up dog poop. In the summer there are actually much more fun things to do and during the winter it is dark and cold once they get home. Wouldn't it be simpler to hire someone like you to take care of it? Sure it is, and that's why poop scooping is a growing field all over the country.Once you get home in the afternoon, spend an hour or so cleaning up your neighbors' yards and you will be able to earn some extra money. Schedule your work around your individual schedule so you'll still have time for friends, sports and other activities. Most customers don't care what time you get to their house, just as long as you come. And as long as dogs continue to eat they are going to provide work for you.If this looks like a good way to earn money, there are actually some things you need to know like how to get new clients, just how much should you charge and what's the most effective way to collect your money? Understand the details of the business and you can earn some real money.

You can earn a real income if you know what you're doing. Click http://www.squidoo.com/startapoopscoopingbusiness now and check it out.

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