Effective waste management is a practice that has become crucial to save the future of the mankind on the "Green Planet". Contributing to the creation of a cleaner, less wasteful and more sustainable society, waste management strategies assist in minimising or avoiding adverse impacts on the environment, allow economic development and improvement in the quality of life to ensure good human health. The aim of waste management is to conserve resources of water, energy, raw materials and nutrients, to control pollution of land, air, water and sediment, to improve occupational health and safety and to enhance business performance and maintain corporate social responsibility.

The waste management practice involves monitoring, collection, transportation, processing, recycling or disposal of waste materials that originate from a variety of sources including industrial, agricultural, commercial and domestic activities. Also the waste could be a solid, liquid, gaseous or radioactive waste and thus could require different methods and fields of expertise for each. So, waste management is a complex process that not only require a great planning from the very beginning but also the support of each individual responsible for generating waste though various daily activities.

To help individuals and businesses to manage their waste successfully, there are various strategies that work on government and professional level. There are practical solutions available for removing and handling waste in an effective way and one of the simple methods of managing waste is to use wheelie bins that are available in different sizes to cater the demands of the customers. A wheelie bin is a waste bin that is good for recycling, composting, and setting out garbage to be picked up as scheduled.

To collect commercial waste, there are waste bins available in different sizes, designs, colors and capacities. It is a good practice to deploy different bins for different waste materials like glass, plastic bottles, paper, tin and aluminum so that they can be recycled easily for example you can use a green color waste bin to collect organic waste and a  blue one to collect plastic material. In this way you will not only be able to dispose waste material in an easy and effective way but it will also help the easy recycling of the waste material - the most crucial part of the waste management, which involves processing of used materials into new products to prevent waste of potentially useful materials, reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials, energy usage, costs and pollution to actually save the energy sources for the existence of the mankind on the planet named ‘Earth'.

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