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Waste Management 101

On June 26, 2011 By

Waste management is defined as the disposal of wastes or handling of waste materials.

What are wastes?

Wastes are objects or substances which are disposed or needed to be discarded. Wastes can be generated from household, industries, fisheries, agriculture and commercial activities.

Classification of Wastes

There are two classifications of waste [...]

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Disposal of Hazardous Waste is there on everyone's mind. So loathsome does the very sight of it becomes that one squirms right there, wishing one were not really anywhere around. The sight at times becomes so gory you wish the ground would open up and just swallow you. You walk on it inadvertently and a [...]

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Waste in any form is hazardous. It should be immediately gotten rid of. How will you do it, yourself? You can think of doing it in case you are out of employment. If there are better things to do, then you should let a hazardous waste removal services company do it. The company will do [...]

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